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Uncanny Valley Digest: The Left Hand Of Darkness

Last night’s The Left Hand Of Darkness discussion turned the genre on its head! A bevy of enthusiastic readers pitched in to rock some pizza and admire the handiwork of this deep and multifaceted novel. In precisely the way Bacigalupi does … Continue reading

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Uncanny Valley Digest: Starship Troopers

Last night’s Starship Troopers discussion was the hobbyist’s jetpack! Notes follow. We were pleased to welcome new arrivals to the group from Nebraska and Brazil! Thank you Nate and Eren! Starship Troopers is cannonical sci fi, but it also validates … Continue reading

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What Is Science Fiction?

  What is science fiction? Spacecraft, phasers, and aliens? Cyborgs and genetic mutants? Post-apocalyptic imaginings of a mundane world starved of resources? Is it fantasy based on uncertain and potentially disastrous scientific advances, as in The Invisivle Man of H. … Continue reading

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