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Book Review: The Frenzy of Renown – Fame and Its History by Leo Braudy

What makes fame so alluring to audiences and yet so disillusioning for the object of fame? How have the criteria for what deserves or attracts fame changed in different historical eras? What makes people famous? Is it their exemplary conduct … Continue reading

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Eulogy To A Toaster (Tribute to Ogden Nash)

Bye Bye Toaster You served us Well You had a relentless ticking sound And your own tiny Bell Whenever we have occasion To heat up Bread We’ll remember you with gratitude Ever sorry that you’re Dead

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The Lowest-Rated Jerry Springer Show, Ever

This nerdtastic Internet meme sums up a lot of philosophical discourse in one witty document. I first discovered this old chestnut back in 2000, but felt it merited some re-exposure. It is a transcript of a parody Jerry Springer episode … Continue reading

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