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Uncanny Valley Digest: PKD’s Man In The High Castle

Our Phil Dick discussion taught me the difference between a raven and a writing desk. I learned some things about The Man In The High Castle that refreshed and corrected my perspective on this novel’s place in Dick’s canon. I … Continue reading

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Beowulf and the Fate of Music

Before medieval European civilization developed anything as novel as a “book,” “scroll,” or “codex,” there was the mind of the storyteller. The storyteller was given a special seat by the fire, fed for knowledge, and oft given full attention. The … Continue reading

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An Author Abroad

Lots of firsts this year. There are lots of places I have never been; most, in fact. And two of those places, until this past spring, were Dublin, Ireland, and Paris, France. Yes, what a fairy tale, to visit both, … Continue reading

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