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Look how much I was able to get accomplished working in an office[blarg].

Uncanny Valley Digest: PKD’s Man In The High Castle

Our Phil Dick discussion taught me the difference between a raven and a writing desk. I learned some things about The Man In The High Castle that refreshed and corrected my perspective on this novel’s place in Dick’s canon. I … Continue reading

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Why I Have To Quit My Job

Root toot tootsie. Rah rah rah. So let me tell you a little something about the self. My  idleness at this job makes me acutely aware of what I could be doing. It’s funny that way. So, sports fans, today … Continue reading

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Phone Calls From Knowlegable Machines

no wonder I feel so strange; friday the thirteenth comes on a thursday this month. ten thirty in the ante meridian on this bright thursday morning and I picked up a ringing phone here in bar code scanner land. *beeep* … Continue reading

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