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Book Review: The Frenzy of Renown – Fame and Its History by Leo Braudy

What makes fame so alluring to audiences and yet so disillusioning for the object of fame? How have the criteria for what deserves or attracts fame changed in different historical eras? What makes people famous? Is it their exemplary conduct … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali: Do It For Love

“A man who truly does something from his heart,” Muhammad Ali once said, “don’t look for thanks, nor do he look to see the results, he just do it.” You may recognize the last 3 words, hijacked for a Nike … Continue reading

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Be Yourself, Just Like The Rest Of Us!

Current mood:expansive mass production makes it so a person can not be entirely unique – and that’s okay.  we never were.  we’re all people.  in the age of mechanized networks, individuality is an overripe fruit.  individuality needs to recede or … Continue reading

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