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Image by Lucie Hall (Linoleuim block print)

Cetus Finalis: A Gray Whale Odyssey

by: Suhail Rafidi
2016, 216 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9883389-3-7
Paperback ($12.95) | Kindle ebook ($5.99)

“Watership Down for whales.” – Ben Loory

In Cetus Finalis, all the characters are whales. Everything happens underwater. And to honor whale song, all of the whale dialogue is rendered in poetry. Enjoy this wonderful, otherworldly tale of journey and song.

From the back cover:
One winter, a female pod of Atlantic gray whales find themselves alone at the equatorial mating grounds. Searching for their absent bulls, they quest through a submarine world ringing with the ancient calls of mysterious leviathans.



What a guy!
The Collected Works Of William “Chili Bill” Eichinger

by: Bill Eichinger
2015, 258 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9883389-2-0
Paperback  ($15) |  Kindle ebook ($6.99)

William “Chili Bill” Eichinger (1946-2013) was a bartender, beloved friend, orphan, underground DJ, cook, postman, martial artist, taxi driver, world traveler, wine steward, food critic, impassioned writer, and all-around champion of San Francisco culture.

In the spirit of Herb Caen, Chili penned numerous personal accounts of his beloved San Francisco, from the Summer of Love to dotcom hipster hilarity. Within, also savor rare views of his Kansas City youth amid pool room hustles, segregated high schools, and riotous James Brown shows. Take intimate walks through the mind of a curmudgeonly epicure as he soaks in the sights (and flavors) of exotic locales, like Singapore, Australia, Bali, Georgia, and Shanghai. Through it all, he exhibits a unique flair for cultural commentary, bone dry humor, and silken, cantankerous style.


TJ & Tosc: 
A Field Guide For Life After Western Culture
by: Suhail Rafidi
2014, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9883389-0-6
Paperback  ($14) |  Kindle ebook ($6.99)

A quality science fiction novel adapted into a world class progressive rock opus! Listen to Perfect Beings, the prog rock incarnation of TJ & Tosc!

DISCOVER THE TALE of Salvador Tosc, an artificial intelligence who was once a human being. Long ago, he was invasively scanned into an optical computer as an act of murder. Generations later, Salvador enlists the aid of his great- grandson, Raymond, to help exact revenge on the cartel responsible. Read TJ & Tosc and enter a futurist world of cybernetic warfare and genetic engineering, where endearing characters reveal the nuances of love, knowledge of self, and the power of mind.


Stare all you like...

Stare all you like…

Perfect Beings
2014, 55 minutes
My Sonic Temple Studios
CD ($15) | FLAC-HD ($20) | MP3 ($10)
More formats & choices at

The stirring and singular musical adaptation of TJ & Tosc. Perfect Beings’ eponymous debut is a full length progressive rock concept album recounting Raymond Tosc’s journey of awakening and [re]discovery. Perfect Beings took the prog scene by storm in 2014, garnering Top Ten listings and a Limelight nomination. (The band Perfect Beings continues to produce albums, funded by a dedicated and growing fanbase.) Listen to their latest album. They’ll rock your face off!