TJ & Tosc

A quality science fiction novel adapted into a world class progressive rock opus! Listen to Perfect Beings, the prog rock incarnation of TJ & Tosc!

DISCOVER THE TALE of Salvador Tosc, an artificial intelligence who was once a human being. Long ago, he was invasively scanned into an optical computer as an act of murder. Generations later, Salvador enlists the aid of his great- grandson, Raymond, to help exact revenge on the cartel responsible. Read TJ & Tosc and enter a futurist world of cybernetic warfare and genetic engineering, where endearing characters reveal the nuances of love, knowledge of self, and the power of mind.

2 Responses to TJ & Tosc

  1. I can’t wait to read your novel! I’m working on a couple right now but it’s on the list. Thank you for your Blog-support 🙂 I hope that you saw that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! If not, check out the details in my post called ‘Super! The Liebster Award!’.

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