Audio Book Me This: Cetus Finalis Gets Tracked!

Image by Lucie Hall (Linoleuim block print)Hearken, reader, to heaps of interesting developments on the horizon. Most interestingly, is on the subject of audio books. With each successive publication, a very common question I get is whether Cetus Finalis, or Chili Bill’s tome, or TJ & Tosc, are available for listening.

Many people want to read Cetus Finalis, but frankly do not have the time to read a book. They’ve solved this problem by popping in an audio book and bopping along through their commute, or during housekeeping errands, or baths, and catch up on their books that way. You asked, and here’s the answer.

Audio book production for Cetus Finalis: A Gray Whale Odyssey has officially begun! And for those of you who are curious who will voice this ambitious project, wonder no longer. It’s me! Yes, I have been busy preparing myself, preparing a studio, voice coaching, and at long last I am ready to read my own book, HA!

"This story, like most of its kind..."I’ve converted the walk-in closet to a recording studio, lined with thick fabric and egg crate sound insulation. Ryan has supplied me with a gorgeous Apogee mic. The microphone levels are set, the table and chair are placed. Now I’m plugging away, reading a bit a day. It’s good fun, and I’m thankful to be working on a project I care about.

It’s time consuming. Ryan’s assigned three takes per chapter. He’ll stack the three tracks, and since I am unlikely to make all of my mistakes in all of the same places, he can switch tracks as needed when mastering and mixing. All the while, laying on subtle, customized reading music.

Listen Up!Why did I choose to read my own audio book? Well, from a practical standpoint it’s cheapest. But there are other good reasons to do it, possibly better. I have the most intimate knowledge of the text, having chosen each syllable myself. But in voice coaching, I am learning to screen my identity out of the job, and be the vessel which bears the words. It’s difficult to write about sound, so ultimately you’ll have to listen to it. I don’t want to give too much away, but imagine an audio book, read by the author, with an original score.

He reads — he scores!

Ryan has written 8 pieces of original music, tuned to aspects of Cetus Finalis, capable of putting Brian Eno into a hypnotic state of ecstatic learning. We are studying the soundscapes together and assigning them to different themes; an orca theme, a deep diver’s theme, a dolphin theme, etc. Ah, the language of music layered subtly behind the language of prose, following the action.

This audio book will do unique and euphonic things with storytelling. We are cooperating and coordinating our talents to enrich the format. I’m listening to a demo now, and I can’t wait!

Stay tuned for a release date.

Thank you for reading. Reading rules!

About Suhail Rafidi

Suhail Rafidi is a novelist and educator whose works explore the destiny of human values in a technological landscape. You can find him on Twitter, too, @shelldive.
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