Book Review: Beyond The Veil Of Stars by Robert Reed

beyondtheveilbyreedThis 1994 science fiction book from Robert Reed deals with a first contact with extraterrestrials. Like Contact, and Arrival, it integrates the interstellar contact closely into a personal vehicle. You follow the story of a quack scientist researching alien encounters and abductions, because his own wife was abducted by aliens during their son’s childhood. The boy grows up and helps his dad doggedly amass data, until something actually happens.

And when it does happen, some big ideas come into play, and it is good fun. Of course, as usual and even necessary for stories like this, the alien beings remain elusive, shrouded in mystery. Despite giving clear signs, they merely facilitate the human characters’ journeys of discovery. For example, the fictional technology in this Reed’s book is a transport system that will convey an earthling to a planet in another star system. But the mechanism doesn’t transport the earthling body, it manifests the traveller into a body which fits into that planet’s ecological evolution. So the alien beings are not a species so much as a collection of ideas, moving from species to species and star system to star system. And that’s just one of the ideas.

And the interior journeys are very gratifying also. The book couches the cosmic ideas in very personal themes, like the protagonist’s search for the truth about his mother’s alien abduction, and his relinquishing of self-defensive anger in favor of intimacy and love. I enjoyed this book.

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Suhail Rafidi is a novelist and educator whose works explore the destiny of human values in a technological landscape. You can find him on Twitter, too, @shelldive.
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