Uncanny Thank You & “The Whale Book”

Hello dear readers,

I am feeling some effusive gratitude today. This is a note with warm thank yous and an exciting announcement.

Thank you for returning to Uncanny Valley this year and joining the Science Fiction Summer Reading Group discussions. We read entertaining and heavyweight books this year. We enjoyed some laugh-filled, groove-backed, pizza-stacked scholarly stimulation! Lots of fun was had by all this summer. Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait to hear next summer’s list. As David Gill said last meeting, “The canon remains barely tapped.”

Screen shot 2016-06-20 at 7.28.20 PM

Now for the announcement:
Over the last 4 years you have shown me incredible support in my artistic endeavors. Thank you! I couldn’t be doing this without you, and I am lucky to have your continued attention. I love writing and storytelling, and because of you, dear reader, I am able to dedicate more and more of my life to the craft.

Rodney Kong!

Rodney Kong!

In 2012, you launched my literary career by buying, reading, and reviewing my novel, TJ & Tosc: A Field Guide For Life After Western Culture. Though my first book, and self published, with your help the project broke even in 6 months. That year, your readership legitimized my passion. It was a big moment for me. Encouraged, I continued writing, sometimes feverishly. I produced some short stories (still unpublished, but stay tuned), and wrote drafts of a TJ & Tosc sequel.

And I hacked away...In the meantime, another novel called out to me from of the recesses of my imagination. I was never able to ignore the call. I worked on both books alternately for a couple of years. As the months went by, the “other” book, the one I grew to refer to as “the whale book,” took a greater hold on my attention, and became a deep, curious labor of love. Some of you have heard me speak about “the whale book” at length, and that length is done.

chili onna barIn 2013, my salty-sweet, beloved friend William “Chili Bill” Eichinger died. Like many who leave us too soon, Bill left behind some unfinished business, and the onus was on me to compile and publish a memorial collection of his sought after writings. The Collected Works Of William “Chili Bill” Eichinger was published in 2015. Proceeds benefit Bill’s favored charity, San Francisco’s Raphael House. There is a fuller account of Chili’s book elsewhere on my site.

The dynamic duo.Also in 2013 TJ & Tosc was written into a progressive rock opera by the Los Angeles ensemble Perfect Beings. It was an unprecedented experience for me, travelling to L.A. and sitting in the studio with an arena-power rock band. Perfect Beings released their eponymous debut in 2014, taking TJ & Tosc with it to an unprecedented artistic level. Never before had a science fiction novel been adapted into a prog rock concept album. And such quality songwriting and superb musicianship! If you like rock music or movie scores, I highly suggest you listen to this band.

Stare all you like...

Stare all you like…

Perfect Beings galvanized a fan base, and the band took off. They successfully crowdsourced their follow-up album (Perfect Beings II), and released it this year. They are currently in the studio recording their 3rd album. Way to go, Perfect Beings! Spread the love, I say!

For those of you who have been patiently asking me about TJ & Tosc sequels, they are coming readily after this, and they are great fun. But I must beg your pardon as I follow the advice of a writer friend of mine, Gretchen McNeil, who said, “Write what is at the front of your mind.”

When she talks, I listen...

When she talks, I listen…

Someone buy these for me.

Someone buy this for me.

With all these developments in my artistic life, I stayed my way to completing the novel which moved to the front of my mind – “the whale book.” What is the whale book? Some of you who have been following me for a while may already know, or have guessed. For everyone else, that is what I’m here to announce:

The wait is over! Mission Accomplished! Level unlocked! Next book complete! The long awaited time has come to announce the Autumn release of my next novel. Thankfully, it’s actual title is not “the whale book.”

Do you want to know “the whale book’s” actual title? Do you want to know when it goes on sale? Do you want to get a peek of the beautiful cover? Do you want to win an autographed copy? HooRAY!

Safety Third! Let's DO this!

Get ready for a weekly summer blog-ride of those details and much, much more! It’s the summer of reveals! Every week I will reveal more tantalizing detail about “the whale book,” including cover art (gorgeous!), September release date, the San Francisco book launch, whale facts, online giveaways, answers to readers’ questions, what the book is about, where the story came from, how it got here, why it took so long, and more! Stay tuned, you’re going to like this…I know I already do.

Thank you for reading! Reading rules!

Swim on over next week...

Swim on over after the weekend…

About Suhail Rafidi

Suhail Rafidi is a novelist and educator whose works explore the destiny of human values in a technological landscape. You can find him on Twitter, too, @shelldive.
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2 Responses to Uncanny Thank You & “The Whale Book”

  1. Peggy Cline says:

    Can’t wait to read your new book!!

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