Chili Bill’s Book Release (And Party!)

chili_book_3-01 - EditedMost widely recognized as the San Francisco folk hero on “a quest to eat at every Chinese restaurant in San Francisco,” local culture-champion William “Chili Bill” Eichinger lived his life to its fullest. Upon his death, Bill left behind a considerable body of writing (aside from his published restaurant reviews); a rich fount of local history and cultural commentary.

This Sunday, December 6th, at 3:00 PM, join us at Finnegan’s Wake (Bill’s last place of employment) to celebrate his life and the long-awaited release of Chili’s book of collected works. Join his fans, friends, and loved ones as we toast and feast to Chili Bill; and learn more about San Francisco history than you knew before.

In the spirit of Herb Caen, Chili penned scores of essays recounting his post-WWII midwestern childhood, and vividly illustrating his, and the nation’s, development as the powerful cultural currents of the 60s took hold and spread. Bill was at the epicenter of that blossoming here in San Francisco.

chili_book_3-01 - Edited (1)Chili first visited San Francisco during the Summer of Love when he was in college. Like many others, he left his heart here. He briefly returned to his hometown Kansas City just long enough to finish college. In 1970, he migrated to San Francisco with the counterculture movement and lived out the rest of his life in his beloved City by the Bay.

Chili Bill achieved local fame for his restaurant review blog,, sporting the motto “Eat to live; live to eat.” It was the platform for his “Quest to eat at every Chinese Restaruant in San Francisco.” He covered over 430 Chinese eateries before his death in September of 2013.

This Sunday, December 6th, come to the book release party for The Collected Works Of William “Chili Bill” Eichinger! At last, his humorous, insightful, cantakerous voice is immortalized in a beautiful, photo-laden volume.

Sunday, December 6, 2015
3:00 PM – until the books sell out!
Finnegan’s Wake
937 Cole Street
San Francisco CA 94117

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More on Chili Bill:


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