Perfect Beings Enter The Studio

TJ & Tosc: A Field Guide For Life After Western Culture, will soon come alive in music.

Prog Rock Collage, 2011 Artist: Abel Adames

Prog Rock Collage, 2011 Artist: Abel Adames

April 20, 2013, Los Angeles — Producer and guitarist Johannes Luley, from his Westside studio, has been working on an unprecedented new project with L.A.-based composer Ryan Hurtgen. The innovative project is called Perfect Beings. It is a prog rock opus based on Suhail Rafidi’s science fiction adventure, TJ & Tosc: A Field Guide For Life After Western Culture.

Johannes Luley of Perfect Beings

Luley calibrating equipment…

Longtime prog talent Luley is a founding member of Moth Vellum. His latest solo release, Tales From Sheepfather’s Grove, is garnering much anticipated recognition. Composer Ryan Hurtgen is the frontman for L.A.-based experimental pop rock band, Rene Breton, a KCRW favorite. Author Suhail Rafidi’s science fiction novel, TJ & Tosc, supplied the skeleton of story around which Perfect Beings is composed. Much like Pink Floyd’s The Wall inspired the visually iconic motion picture, Luley, Hurtgen, and Rafidi are making a leap between media, bringing sci fi literary art into the dynamic, living world of rock music.

The three artist put their heads together in spring 2012 to incarnate TJ & Tosc in an epic soundscape as Perfect Beings, unleashing a surge of creative momentum. By summer 2012, Hurtgen and Luley laid down the demos for Perfect Beings. By winter, they assembled a band of talented, experienced, prog rock musicians. The group began playing together right away, driven by their own innate and exacting musical standards. Recording will commence with engineer Julian David, at My Sonic Temple studio in L.A.’s Westside, on April 26, 2013.

Rafidi and Hurtgen, New Year's Day, 2013

Rafidi and Hurtgen on New Year’s Day

Hurtgen composing...

Hurtgen composing…

“April 26th is also my birthday,” says author Suhail Rafidi. “This is such an auspicious coincidence that I couldn’t resist the urge to travel to L.A. to attend personally. I can’t wait to be in the presence of Perfect Beings.”

Slated for a Christmas 2013 release, Perfect Beings is an 11 song, 53 minute prog rock opera written to be played live, as a single dramatic performance, with no song breaks. It will be recorded live in the studio. Luley insisted upon an organic, undoctored musical experience for the studio sessions. All of the sounds come directly from the 5 live players. Perfect Beings consists of Johannes Luley on guitar, Chris Tristram on bass, Gunter Fliszar on drums, Jesse Nason on synthesizers and keyboards, and Ryan Hurtgen on piano and vocals.

Perfect Beings (From left to right, Gunter, Jesse, Chris, Ryan, Johannes.)

Perfect Beings (From left to right: Gunter, Jesse, Chris, Ryan, Johannes.)

Stay tuned for more information.


About Suhail Rafidi

Suhail Rafidi is a novelist and educator whose works explore the destiny of human values in a technological landscape. You can find him on Twitter, too, @shelldive.
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5 Responses to Perfect Beings Enter The Studio

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  2. Many congratulations, Suhail!! Super exciting! I can’t wait to hear it! Will you be posting clips or samples?? Happy almost birthday! Xoxo

    • Thank you, Rita! It’s unbelievably exciting! I will definitely be keeping you posted with more stories and clips as the project nears its official release this Christmas.

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