Ray Hall and the Nature of Creation

It is always satisfying to “discover” an artist whose style resonates with my own aesthetic sensibilities. There are nearly incalculable numbers of writers, painters, sculptors, designers and musicians out there. Finding art is as easy as throwing a rock. Finding art I connect with is like throwing that rock into a gravy boat strapped to the back of an excitable miniature schnauzer loose on a rain soaked golf course. Impossible, you say? Read on.

Atlantan Ray Hall has has spent well nigh five decades beautifying his corner of Georgia with distinctive stonework. His handcrafted walls, fountains, bridges, benches, fireplaces and courtyards are delightful artistic jewels embedded among the homes, churches and parks of the Atlanta area. Ever-inspired by the evocative contours that naturally occur in stone, Ray’s work contains icons and images that evoke venerable principles, like many-rayed star-bursts, as well as whimsical animals that emerge from the hand arranged stone to pluck at the viewer’s imagination.


How much is a bird in the stone worth?

Over the years, Mr. Hall has parlayed his considerable talent with the bones of the earth into another medium: driftwood. While summering on Jekyll Island, his same eye for curves and character hones in on unique pieces of driftwood, which he collects and takes back to his studio. The results speak for themselves: otherworldly creatures, accompanied by poems penned by the sculptor.

Stagger Lee

Ray Hall’s creatures have an atmospheric quality. They hint at coming from a whole universe of other creatures as strange as themselves but seldom seen by people. They are like something from the minds of Dr. Suess and Lewis Carroll after a pancake breakfast washed down with two hot mugs of mushroom tea.

Slewfooted Boobie

The Slewfooted Boobie
Is remarkable, truly
She seems both insect
And bird
And the song she sings
When she opens her wings
Is more beautiful than
Any I’ve heard

Ray Hall

Check out Ray Hall’s driftwood creatures at The Nature Of Creation.

Check out his stone masonry at Eclectic Stoneworks.

About Suhail Rafidi

Suhail Rafidi is a novelist and educator whose works explore the destiny of human values in a technological landscape. You can find him on Twitter, too, @shelldive.
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