René Breton Brings the Surreal Back To Rock

Not long ago, I was tripping along the internet webbing, overclicking past my “Dadists” and “Surrealism” searches, when – and I’m sure this has happened to you – I clicked a little too far. I ended up beyond the scope of my original search, on the music page of a new, big-sound, arthouse rock band.

Overclicking – serendipitously following the tangential synapse links of association that fill up your search results – can be intriguingly distracting. There are other times when drifting away from what I was originally looking for is rewarding, landing me into something I never would have found otherwise. Such is the case with my new favorite band, René Breton.

These guys have a spacious, movie score sound coupled with dreamlike, narrative lyrics that work together to deliver an expansive and thoughtful musical experience.  René Breton consists of Ryan Hurtgen and Tobin Sio.

René Breton has a sumptuous energetic compositions that are very expert and controlled. By the end of their album, Asleep In Green,  – out this year on Fifth Ace Records – it is clear that they have only just begun. Intoning an irresistible layering of harmonies that build upon one another, Asleep In Green starts on a somber dreamy piano riff and culminates in a meticulously orchestrated assault of sound. Asleep In Green is a textured and artful album accompanied by a book of 12 short stories penned by the band’s writer Ryan Hurtgen. The full album becomes available in March of this year, though the Asleep In Green EP is now available on iTunes.

When I experienced the serendipitous overclick mentioned at the outset of this post, I landed on a video for René Breton’s “Song For an Ancestral Alien,” which I’ve linked here. Check it out. It lead me to new frontiers.

One of the things I love about the Internet age of music distribution is the accessibility of new artists. I was so struck with the “Song For an Ancestral Alien” video that I wrote to René Breton, through their management, Ionic Music. Their manager responded to my inquiry and allowed me to procure an advance copy of the deluxe hard back edition of Asleep In Green. It is a beautifully bound book, including the short stories and illustrations by Hurtgen, as well as a CD of the album. If you’d like your own copy of the album, you’ll have to wait until Spring or buy it at one of their live performances. According to their website, they will be rocking Austin at SXSW this March. See you there!

The band’s latest single, “Karma,” written while they were on tour, is also available on iTunes.

About Suhail Rafidi

Suhail Rafidi is a novelist and educator whose works explore the destiny of human values in a technological landscape. You can find him on Twitter, too, @shelldive.
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