What Are Electrical Tribes Like?

we manufacture high numbers of identical prefabricated necessities and luxuries from clothing to food to hotel rooms.  mass production is impossible without mass consumption.  industrialization brought an L.L. Bean catalogue – hot off the presses.  the public be came the masses.  tribal behavior was disrupted and augmented during this time.  communities no longer consumed what they created.  it all became enormously centralized – food, clothing, goods, entertainment.  tribal sensibilities coalesced into nationalistic trade relationships.  tribal structure must resume.  the decentralizing power of the internet foretells this.  small independent units linked into enormous interdependent lattices.  networks are ancient.  our technology has made networks immediate and necessary.  tribes understand networks.  authority centered around elders, warriors, poets – branching outward.  some contribute food.  some contribute clothing.  some contribute healing.  some contribute protection.  the tribe endures.


About Suhail Rafidi

Suhail Rafidi is a novelist and educator whose works explore the destiny of human values in a technological landscape. You can find him on Twitter, too, @shelldive.
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